Speeches from Shree Shree Param Priya Nikhil Bhai

 What is the statment of our Shree Shree Parampriya Nikhil Bhai

Om Namoh Narayana

Let us have a look on what is the speech by our Shree Shree Param Priya Nikhil Bhai.

We are made for each other and hence we need to co-operate each other to be in the goodway in the society, the earth.

He is telling that ” Jeebe Daya Swartha Tyag Bhakti Narayane, Sakol Dharmer Saar Korio Smaran” which means that if we show the mercy to the living creatures and show respect to all human being or any living creatures, we do the sacrifice for all, then wwe need to remember the essence of the all sort of religion, because every religion is having the same guidence, only due to our difference in understanding we make different meaning.

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