Our Objective

We all know that there are a huge requirement love, helping hand and assistance true sense of the term.

We also know if there is a will there is a way. We are following the same. This is why we are approaching you to be with us, make a team effort to do something in the world.

We may not do something big in this world, but can do something and like this if there are  number of efforts are working … there will be huge help available in the world to wipe out the tears for the eyes you can see..


Vishwa Kalyan Team

The Aims and Objects of the society:

a) To establish and promote, set up, run and maintain, assist, finance, support and/or aid to or help in the setting up and/or maintaining and/or running schools and other institutions, orphanages, old age homes, ashrams, widow homes, housing for poor, lunatic asylums and/or other establishments for relief and/or help to the poor, old and infirm people and/or destitute and/or mentally retarded people rehabilitation centres in many places in India and Aboard.

b) To establish, found, open, promote, set up, run, maintain, assist, finance, support and/or maintaining and or running charitable dispensaries / health units / hospitals for rendering free treatment and supply of medicines to the distressed and below poverty line people and treatment at a subsidised rate for people who are almost hand to mouth.

c) To foster and encourage education and training in various handicrafts and food processing jobs and/or village and other cottage industries and/or setting up of individual units by the trained people in the above mentioned areas so as to generate scope of employment in any place in India and aboard, setting up of co-operative units to undertake training cum production anywhere in India and Aboard, the further advancement in these areas without involving on any activity for profit, to patronise fine arts among women folks and help / assist them to earn their livelihood through fine arts, establish and found institutions imparting such education and to establish, maintain, support and extend financial help and/or giving various gifts or otherwise, centres and institutions for the overall upliftment of women and children.

d) To introduce, run, maintain charitable mobile camp/vans with x-rays and pathological test facilities including basic and primary treatment in the areas of ENT, Eye, Dental etc to cover remote villages of India and Aboard.

e) To organise, finance, support and extend all possible aid to hold eye relief camps in tents at various remote places of India and Aboard.

f) To press into operation ambulances in various parts of India.

g) To give, provide and/or render help and assistance in cash or kind to poor and/or destitute people, widows, physically handicapped and mentally retarded people in such a manner so that they may be self-supporting to keep their body and sour together.

h) To give, provide and/or render help and/or assistance to and/ or implement any scheme for providing livelihood and upliftment of the poor, physically handicapped and mentally retarded people.

i) To give, provide and/or offer food, medicine, shelter and other help and/or assistance in any form or shape to the poor, deserving and really needy persons.

j) To establish, maintain or grant aid for the establishment and maintenance of wells, tube wells, tanks, water reservoirs to provide filtered and potable water and construction and/or use of the public and construction of public toilet and appropriate drainage and sewage system along with all types of public sanitation considering the importance of health and hygene of the poor people.

k) To give, provide and distribute clothing, blankets, rugs, woollen, silk and other varieties of clothes and other necessary articles and facilities for the poor people.

l) To open, found, establish, promote, set up, run, maintain, assist, finance, support and/or aid or help in setting up and/or maintaining and/or running schools, colleges, lecture halls, auditorium, museums, dram house, and other establishments and institutions for advancement of education and of knowledge in arts, science, literature, humanities and all other useful subjects in all their manifestations.

m) To establish, run and develop an institute for re-vitalising the indegenious games and sports like kho-kho, Kobadi etc.

n) To patronise Brotochari Movement and Yoga throughout India and Aboard.

o) To establish, set up and run different institutes in various parts of India and aboard for doing necessary works in different oriental heritage subjects like Veda, Vedants, Dharma shastras, dharshan, Nyay, Ayurveda, etc and spread Indian culture throughout the length and breadth of the world.

p) To establish, set up and run institute for conducting researches on Indian architecture and sculpture at various places.

q) To grant, pay or give scholarship, stipends, prizes, rewards, allowances and other financial assistance or help in cash or kind to students with a view to helping them in prosecuting their studies.

r) To open, found, establish, promote, set up, run, maintain, assist, finance, support and/or aid or help in the setting up, establishment, maintenance and/or running Dharam Shala, and/or pathsalas, deep tubewells, tanks, roads etc for public benefit in India and aboard.

s) To promote, organise, administer, establish, support, maintain and/or grant aid to any person, institution and society or organisation whatsoever having for its / theirs objects of charitable purpose(s) and to incur expenses in connection therewith.

t) To hold, organise, arrange public hearings at various places of India to develop public consciousness and awareness in regards to abolition child labour, consumer protection, removal atrocities on women and children, establishment of ideal panchayetraj, removal of illiteracy, de-addiction to drug, development of the street boys and girls, improvement of an agriculture in the areas of horticulture, fishiulture, plants and herbs with medicinal properties etc.

u) To promote, assist and or maintain all activities by whosoever carried on or whenever carried on in India and aboard in conformity with the objects of the society and as are conducive to the well being in general, welfare of the nation or are conducive for advancement of any object or objects of general public utility or involving/carrying or any activity of general benefits.

v) To publish and /or publishing magazines, books, pamphlets, periodicals and newspaper in different languages in India an aboard, print/internet for the spread and advancement of education and culture.

w) To buy, take on lease plots of land with building/plots of land anywhere in India and/or Aboard for the purpose of the society and/or utilise the same in the interest of the society.

x) To take on donation a plot/plots of land , building(s), shops, apartments, office, godown, and other immovable properties anywhere in India and/or Aboard for the purpose of the society and/or to use the plot/plots of land in the interest of the society.

y) To shall or give on lease plot/plots of society land to earn an amount of money for the society.

z) To construct buildings in the society land to full-fill interest of the society.

5. Other Aims and Objectives :

a) Application of robust endeavour towards restoration of the lost glory and greatness of Veda, Vedants, Puran, Upanishad, Smriti, Tantra, Vyakaran, Idology, Archeology, Ayurveda, Darshan, Nyay, Astrology, all systems of Asian culture with best efforts in modernising these whenever needed.

b) Boosting up of popular awareness about the need and utility of the veda, Vedanta, Upanishad, Kavya, Puran, Smriti, Tantra, Jyotish, Mantra, Yantra, Asian Arts and Culture, Asian Languages and Literature, glorious heritage, trends and trend-setters, classical music, dance, drams, studying different religions, such as Hinduism, Islamism, Christinity, Buddhism, Jainasm, Sikhism etc. and sent out special traits which would unfold areas of universality.

c) To organise study tours particularly to the countries belonging to the South-East Asia for researching on the old civilisation in these country aiming at how to develop a real fraternity and establish a centre of world peace and how these are linked with Indian culture.

d) To establish, promote, set up, run, manage, assist, finance, support and /or aid to or help in setting up and /or maintaining and/or running on academy/(s) for imparting suitable education, training, rehabilitation to physically challenged children, boys and girls with a view to following three prong approach of extracting the hidden potentials they have had through upgrading (i) Personal adequacy, (ii) social competency and (iii) vocational efficiency of each and every challenged child, boy or girl irrespective of nature of challenge, bringing about sustainable improvement in five major areas of sharpening of unexplored abilities , cognitive skill, socialisation skill and language skill, providing for academic exposure for the border line and slightly retarded children through Open Basic Education (OBE) and secondary & sr. secondary curriculam under National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), providing vocational training exposure to trainable children who usually fail to do good in general education.

e) To establish, set up and run an institution to study and understand the multi-dimensional terms “Health” and thereby develop a total awareness of the human being and build a Universal movement towards the realisation of Integral Health. In order to achieve the above goal the institute is to transform itself a centre with facilities for health awareness, research and training which can become an effective nucleus. This institute is all set to promote harmonious living with a deeper awareness in areas such as food, sleep, exercise in a most systematic and disciplined way. The Institute would persistently motivate people and adopt the process of regular meditation through which practically the daily life would be sublime. It would combine and integrate different systems of retaining and developing health. It is crystal clear that for retaining and developing health we must take one or two systems regulating force but experiment number of systems to achieve our goal. Experience reveals that even seemingly contradictory approaches lead to a reconciling truth. The institute has firm conviction that a true synthesis of different system will lead to a rapid and certain world that would ensure a spontaneity of health and a harmony of natural laws of mankind.

Articles of Association


a) Any Indian citizen is entitled to become member of the society. He/she will be annual member. He/she is to renew his/her membership.

b) A Sum of Rs. 501.00 is to be paid for an Ordinary Member as the annual fees for the society. He /she will have to pay an one time fee of Rs. 501.00 along with the fist membership. However the society will have the right to accept or reject any membership application without showing any remark or comment to any one. The society may consider a student, poor or a deserving candidate with specific contribution in the world for concessational amount may be as Rs. 51.00 or so which ever is found suitable by the society at the point ot time.

c) There are some special types of membership such as patron, golden, silver, life members.

i) Patron : A person may be a patron of the society provided he/she pays Rs. 25,000.00 as subscription for the whole life at a time.

ii) Golden Member : A person may be a Golden member provided he/she pays Rs. 20,000.00 as subscription for the whole life at a time.

iii) Silver Member : A person may be a Silver Member provided he/she pays 15,000.00 for the whole life at a time.

iv) Life Member : A person may be a life member of the society provided he/she pays Rs. 10,000.00 as subscription for the whole life at a time.


a) There shall be one Advisory Council which would give advice. This will be a 5 member council.

b) There shall be one Executive Committee comprising of 7 members minimum and 11 members maximum.

c) There may be some special and sub-committee as may be decided by the executive committee.

Facilities of Members:

i) All of the aforesaid members will enjoy voting power for electing Chairman, General Secretary, Secretary and Treasurer of the society for a term of 5 years and other seven more members of the executive committee.

ii) Patrons, members of Gold, Silver and Life category will exercise their voting right for electing 5 member Committee as Advisory Council. The membership of the Advisory Council shall be reserved for Patrons, and other members like Golden, Silver and Life.

Membership Pledge

There shall be a pledge for all members. Every member will sign the pledge.

The functions of the committee members and office bearers will be as stated here in under:

a) Chairman : The chairman would preside over all meeting of the society. He/she would convene the meeting of the executive committee in case General Secretary fails to convene meetings being requisitioned by members. He/she would give proper counselling to the General Secretary of the society. He/she should supervise the activities of the society. He/she will be one of the signatories in the bank operation of the society.

b) General Secretary : The General Secretary is the chief functionary of the society. He/she would convene meeting of the executive committee and also AGM and special meetings with specific agenda. He/she would implement the decision of the executive committee, AGM and special meetings. He/she would maintain records of the society. He/she would keep the proceedings of all meeting. He/ she will function as one of the operator of the bank account.

c) Secretary : In the absence of the General Secretary, the Secretary would perform the duties of General Secretary. He/she would assist the General Secretary in all matters as desired by the General Secretary. He/she would function as so directed by the Chairman and the General Secretary.

d) Treasurer : The Treasurer will control the funds of the society. He/she would keep the accounts. He/she would arrange audit of the society. He/she would function as one of the operators of the bank account of the society.

Meetings of the Executive Committee

1. Seven clear days notice with specific agenda should be given for convening the executive committee meeting.

2. If an executive committee meeting is adjourned for want of quorum, the adjourned meeting shall require no separate notice and no quorum.

3. No new agenda is allowed to be included in case of an adjourned meeting.

4. In case of normal meetings some new agenda may be included if all members present in the meeting so agree.

5. Four members will constitute the quorum of the meeting of the Executive committee.

Annual General Meeting

1. Clear 21 days notice is required to convene an Annual General Meeting.

2. Fifteen members will constitute the quorum.

3. After completion of 5 years new executive committee will be elected in the A.G.M. of the 5th years

4. If the chairman is a candidate contesting for any post of new executive committee, a separate person will be proposed to function as the president of the meeting.

5. In the annual general meeting the auditor for the next term will be elected.

6. In the annual general meeting the auditor report for the outgoing year will be duly passed.

7. In the annual general meeting the budget for the coming year is to passed.

Special General Meeting

1. If any emergency arises to know the views of the general members much ahead of the AGM, the General Secretary may convene a special general meeting in consultation with the chairman. If such emergency arises not more than two months ahead of the A.G.M., the date of the A.G.M. may be fixed earlier provided the majority of the executive committee agree so.

2. If 20 general members think it urgent to hold special general meeting, much ahead of AGM, they may request the General Secretary in writing to convene a special general meeting with specific agenda. If the General Secretary does not convene meeting within one month, they may report the whole matter to the chairman with a request to hold the aforesaid meeting. In such case the chairman’s decision shall be final.

Requisition Meeting

1. If 4 members of the executive committee feel that it is necessary to hold a meeting of the executive committee on some specific agenda they may request the General Secretary to convene the meeting within 15 days. If the General Secretary does not convene the meeting, they may request the chairman to convene the same. They may again request him to do so and in case the General Secretary does not call the meeting.

Records for inspection of the members

1. The members have the right to inspect any record of the society after giving 3 days notice to the General Secretary.

Merger with similar society

1. The society may discuss any proposal of its merger with any similar society. On this issue a special general meeting may be held for taking final decision.

2. Collaboration/co-operation/association with any other Indian or Global organisation or even resourceful individual or organisation or group with proven track record and inspiration to render and more and effective services for the needy people.


1. If it is found that it has become impossible to run the society, the decision of its dissolution may be adopted. In that case the assets of the society may be donated to another social service organisation.

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